If you are a dog lover or own one of those furry little creatures that are otherwise known as man’s best friend, then we know of something you would totally be obsessed with. T-shirts and mugs that celebrate your love for your little pooch! That’s right; you can get t-shirts with various slogans that say one or two cute things about you and your relationship with your dog from The Great Family Store. The shirts come as either t-shirts or tank tops if you would like to show off some guns or muscle tone. Inscribed on the shirts are cute messages like “My Great Dane Princess Has the Key to My Heart”, “I Just Want to Drink and Wine Rescue Dogs”, “I Just Want to Hang with My dog”, or “My Dogs are the Reason I Wake Up Every Morning” which are texts that your dog will be super happy to know, if they could read of course.

The shirts are unisex, and are a good fit for both men and women. We even have some shirts specially designed with messages for our hardcore women who wish to express love for their dogs, such as “I’m a Tattooed Pit-bull Owning Type of Girl”, and our “Dog Mom, Tattooed, Educated, Employed” checklist t-shirt for those mothers that feel like showing off their superhuman capabilities. So, ladies don’t be told twice about these amazing shirts that are certainly the best value for your money. Invest in your relationship with your dog today by showing off these awesome t-shirts, which will strengthen your bond with your animal best friend. 

We all know the saying that a picture says a thousand words? Well, yes of course. This is why we have also catered to the needs of our potential customers who don’t need their apparel to say too much. We also have shirts with cute pictures of dogs on them, and a simple phrase such as our “Funny Happy Pills Pit-bull” t-shirt, the hilarious “Stubborn Dog Tricks Corgi” mug, and tank tops for our “Funny Dab Dabbing Pug Lovers” and also the “Stubborn Dog Tricks Dachshund” tank tops if you own a Dachshund instead of a Corgi. These apparels are all available on the Great Family Store, our online store, for you to see which one you’d love.

We try to cater to the needs of owners of varying dog breeds, in in an attempt to show off your relationship with your dog, and let the world know that your dog is the best or one of the stubborn ones. These shirts are also work well as gift items; just in case you have a friend who would die for their dogs then, of course this is the perfect gift for them. Some of the shirts come in various styles not just exclusively t-shirts and tank tops; you could find some as sweatshirts also if you prefer that, or just want some variety in your closet. We’re certain these shirts are the perfect buy, and they are just likely to convert some of your friends to fellow dog lovers as well. So, don’t waste any more time guys, let your dogs and the world know just how much they mean to you!

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